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Onuphry (Berezovsky)

Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine

Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the largest denomination of Ukraine by the number of religious communities and priests. In the Church, there are 12,338 parishes, where 12,411 priests do their ministry. The church has also 53 dioceses, where 92 bishops are ministering and 7 more are at rest.

The church also maintains relations with the Ukrainian Orthodox diaspora in Western Europe, North America, and other countries. In the jurisdiction of the UOC, there are 254 monasteries, where live 4,609 monks and nuns. Theological education is provided by 17 theological seminaries and schools. It has also more than 3,700 Sunday schools in the whole of Ukraine. UOC has 38 Internet media, 90 paper media, and 7 broadcasting programs.


Address: 01015 Ukraine, Kyiv, 15 Lavrska street, corps 49 

Phone: +38 044 255 11 64, fax: +38 044 280 43 96