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Sándor Zán Fábián

Bishop of the Trans-Carpathian Reformed Church

Trans-Carpathian Reformed Church

Reformation came to the territory of modern Ukraine in the 1520's, XVI century, when the first reformation ideas penetrated the Trans-Carpathians. At the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1918), the TCRC has already had 65,000 members, 77 communities, 3 community branches, 3 missionary communities. At that time the church had 76 educated pastors, 5 pastor assistants, 51 general schools.

After World War II, the Soviet authorities tried to destroy all the Reformed communities. In 1944 most part of the men were deported to the Gulag camps, who were members of the Reformed communities. Most of them died. Soviet authorities confiscated all Church property, including temples.

The independence of Ukraine has allowed the Church to be reborn. Today TCRC is having 118 religious organizations, 100,000 members and a large number of humanitarian and social organizations. The Church has trained over 300 teachers in faith and 13 missionaries, in the best European institutes there were trained 80 pastors in Theology. TCRC is actively engaged in the ministry of charity.


Address: 83 Mukachivska st., Beregove town, Trans-Carpathians, Ukraine 90211  

Phone/fax: +38 03141 234 60