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Leonid Padun

Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church

Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church 

At the end of the year 1993, Spiritual Center of Independent Ukrainian Full Gospel Churches was formed by the members of religious communities from different regions of Ukraine with Leonid Padun at the head of it. It was based at the Word of Life Church in Donetsk. In 1999, the association was named Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church (UCEC).  The essence of the historical heritage of Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church is to maintain and spread the spiritual aspirations that existed throughout Christian history: the search for the knowledge of God through the renewal of Biblical foundations of public services as well as the implementation of Christian principles in social life. 

Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church is conducting missionary work preaching the Gospel in Ukraine as well as abroad (in Turkey, Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries). It also works in prisons, conducts several social programs, and works together with other Christian denominations, public organizations and other institutions whose work efforts correspond to that of the Church.  

The association places particular emphasis on Biblical education. Thus, in December of 2018, the Renewal Bible School was launched in the framework of the educational program of the Bible Institute at the UCEA. Hundreds of students all over the world are able to receive high-quality Biblical education due to this project.


Postal address: P. O. Box 207-V, Kyiv, Ukraine  01001 (UCEC Religious Center)

Phone: +38 050 426 3180