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Akhmed Tamim

Supreme Mufti of Ukraine, Head of the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims

Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims 

RAUM is the first organization of independent Ukraine, which unites the Muslim community of the country since 1992. RAUM works to unite Ukrainian Muslims, to provide educational and spiritual work on the principle of over-ethnicity, uniting Muslims with different nationalities in one community. 

RAUM opposes the politicization of religion and provides thorough job of refuting the false ideologies of extremist movements. 

The Islamic University was founded in Kyiv in 1993, which is now a spiritual institution of RAUM. In 2001 it received diplomas recognition of the oldest Islamic University "Al-Azhar".

RAUM publishes Islamic religious literature in Russian and Ukrainian languages as well as in the languages of peoples that traditionally practice Islam (Arabic, Tatar, Turkish, etc.). Also, it produces the newspaper "Minaret" and audio and video materials on religiously educational themes. 

Today RAUM brings together 111 registered religious communities, where 40 schools and religious groups are operating.


Address: 46 Luk’yanivska st., Kyiv, Ukraine 04071 (Аr-Rahma mosque)

Phones: +38 044 465 18 77, +38 044 465 18 78