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UCCRO Statement on the necessity of humanitarian corridors for Mariupol


 of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations 

on the necessity of humanitarian corridors for Mariupol 

Every day we receive sad news from Mariupol about the terrible situation in which civilians of this big city in the Donetsk region find themselves. Hundreds of thousands of people, including thousands of children, have become hostages of the military action and the blockade imposed by russian troops. 

For more than a month, all residents of Mariupol have been suffering from the humanitarian catastrophe caused by this blockade, as the civilian infrastructure has been completely destroyed: there is no drinking or any other water, food and medicine are not delivered, there is no heating and electricity, it is impossible to provide medical assistance to people with chronic diseases and the thousands of wounded from constant bombings and shellings.

Given this critical situation, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls for the immediate creation of humanitarian corridors to ensure the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid (food, drinking water, medicines, hygiene products, etc.) to civilians and wounded defenders of Ukraine in Mariupol, and their evacuation to safe places of their voluntary choice. Taking such measures will be an important act of mercy, especially on the eve of the Easter holidays.

On its part, the UCCRO is ready to fully assist in the operation of such humanitarian corridors for Mariupol in order to avoid any provocations in the process of delivering humanitarian aid and evacuating civilians. We call on all those whose competence it is and who have the ability – to unblock the access of help to Mariupol and evacuation from the city and make every effort to save its innocent residents.

Kyiv, 16 April 2022