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Ukrainian Council of Churches calls for compliance with the quarantine requirements

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations has issued a special appeal to the public regarding the prevention of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the necessary actions during quarantine in Ukraine. 

The document was adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the UCCRO on the results of discussions with the leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health of the measures related to the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health recommended that churches and religious organizations take a number of steps during worship services and ongoing religious activities.

For its part, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations issued the following public address:


to the Ukrainian people

from the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations

regarding the coronavirus’ spreading prevention

Due to coronavirus’ spreading prevention quarantine introduction in Ukraine from March 12 to April 3, 2020, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations appeals to:

  • Understand and take personal responsibility for the measures taken to prevent the viral disease’s spreading, its localization and the prompt recovery of those who are already got sick;
  • Avoid extremes: not to be panic-stricken, but not to neglect the threat;
  • Treat yourself and others with a sense of responsibility. If you have symptoms of Acute Respiratory Viral Infection or have recently come from countries with high coronavirus’ disease rates, please spend at least two weeks (coronavirus incubation period) at home avoiding being in public and seek medical advice;
  • Follow the specialists’ recommendations regarding the rules of special hygiene and behavior among groups of people identified at this time;
  • Show love, understanding, tolerance, compassion and help to those who are struggling with the symptoms of illness.

Each of our Churches and religious organizations, taking into account their particularities, is taking and will take quarantine-related measures.

At this time we especially urge to intensify prayers to the Almighty with the request to stop and overcome this global pandemic. We believe in His help and remain vigilant about taking preventative measures.