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Hryhorii Komendant

President of Ukrainian Bible Society

Ukrainian Bible Society is an interdenominational Christian organization. The goal of the Society is to translate, print and distribute Bibles and biblical spiritual and theological literature. UkrBS consists of 19 churches in Ukraine of Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant denominations, who believe in the Bible as the Word of God. UkrBS is a member of the global fellowship of United Bible Societies, which includes 150 national societies and covers more than 200 countries and territories.

The objective of UkrBS is to provide access to the Word of God to every person, regardless of social status, language or ethnic belonging, denomination or age in the most convenient and understandable way.

UkrBS has published and distributed more than 12 million copies of various biblical editions, including more than 4 million – under nationwide charitable projects. In 2011, UkrBS presented the new Fourth complete Bible translation into contemporary Ukrainian language from Greek (the Septuagint).

UkrBS operates in Ukraine through 4 regional offices.


Headquarters address: 18 Yanusha Korchaka st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03190

Phone: +380 44 501 1491